Pregnancy has been such a beautiful adventure thus far. I’m most proud of my body and the miracle it’s been able to produce. Being a woman has never felt more fulfilling and exhilarating. As we enter into baby girl’s birth month, I feel grateful and excited for what is to come very soon!

I’ve been lucky enough to have tons of energy throughout this whole pregnancy, but I’ve finally been feeling very tired in this final stretch. My body is telling me to slow down as the due date (October 18) approaches. But let me tell you…nesting is a real thing! I’ve been organizing and reorganizing all areas of my house, no matter how exhausted I am. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to chill out and kick my (currently very swollen) feet up. Baby girl is still moving like crazy and all is going well so far! At my last doctor’s appointment, I learned that I am 3 cm dilated and that baby has dropped tremendously. Ahh! It’s so crazy to hear those’s becoming SO REAL!
We are getting very close and my friends, family and I have a feeling that baby girl will make her grand entrance before our due date…but we shall see! After all, she’ll come whenever she pleases!

Now, it’s time to answer some questions (pregnancy and non-pregnancy related) that you’ve submitted on my Instagram!

  1. “How has your makeup routine or fashion style changed now that you’re preggo?!” - @annadefranco_

    My makeup routine and fashion style hasn’t changed too much honestly. I have always been more of a natural-looking makeup kind of girl or no makeup at all. But since I’ve been more tired lately, I have been going sans makeup unless I have to. My style obviously had to be adjusted to fit this big ole belly! Luckily, I’ve found many brands that make chic maternity clothes as well as non-maternity pieces that work with my current body shape…it’s been such a fun fashion adventure!

  2. “What is your current favorite thing to do?” - @loving.char

    Currently, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my hubs. It’s bittersweet because in just a few days, it’ll no longer just be us two. So I’m enjoying every moment we have together. Whether it’s a date night, nesting or playing video games on the couch at home…I’m soaking in these last special days of it just being him and me. <3

  3. “Will you be going on tour again as Us The Trio?” - @georgeblack96

    As of right now, there is no tour set in the books. But we do plan to get back on the road in the future and bring baby girl along for the ride! We just want to spend a good amount of time with her at home first.

  4. “Are you ready to be a mom?” - @xoxo.mahiya

    I don’t think anyone is ever truly “ready” to be a mom. Especially if you’re a first time mom like me and you have no idea what to expect because you’ve never done this before! All I know is that I’ve always longed to be a mother. So with that, lots of love, and a few birthing classes, I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be! And I’m excited to be able to live out my dream of having a child. I know that if I trust my heart and instincts, it’ll all come together as it should.

  5. “Do you plan on getting any new tattoos in the near future?” - @tessaberrevoets

    I’ve been itching to get a tattoo recently! Our crew even got one together on tour which I’d usually partake in, but had to sit out this time since I’m preggo. But I just might have to get a new one once baby girl is born. And maybe it’ll be to commemorate her! (Also, if any of you are wondering about my tattoos and the meaning behind each of them, you can check out my tattoo blog post here!)”

  6. “Will there [be a] matching mommy and me tab on Wear I Am?” - @rinnyrooo

    Haha! Such a cute idea. I admit, I often day dream of styling my little babe in outfits and think it’d be so fun to post some looks with her! What do you guys think…should I do it?! Comment below!

  7. “Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? - @coco.and.cody.pup

    Yes! Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be able to. There are so many benefits that come with breastfeeding, so fingers crossed that it’ll all go smoothly!

  8. “Current favorite tv show? - @spgatmen

    Michael and I really love watching “9-1-1” and “This is Us”. Two dramatically different shows, but we really enjoy both! One is great for those who love action and the other is just an all around great show full of laughs, tears and inspiration. I highly recommend you check them out if you don’t already!

  9. “Will you miss your bump?” - @bekahberhane

    Absolutely! Not only does my bump make for a great table/arm rest, but it’s the best feeling ever to feel her kick and move inside of me. I love being pregnant and I’ll definitely miss it.

  10. “What was Michael’s reaction when you told him you were pregnant?” - @andrea.chetty

    Michael’s reaction to when I told him I was pregnant was absolutely priceless. Never, in our entire relationship, have I successfully surprised him. He is the person that always somehow finds out what you’re up to, so because of that, I never plan him surprise parties or anything of that nature. So the face that he made in that moment, was unlike any face that I’ve ever seen him make before. Pure shock, but filled with overwhelming joy and excitement. Tears immediately filled his eyes and he fell to the floor and ecstatically yelled “We’re having a baby!” We then both hugged and cried some more. This sparked inspiration to write a song called “We’re having a baby” which we sang to announce our pregnancy to the world. This was one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of our relationship. I cannot wait to take on this next chapter of our journey together. He is going to be such an amazing father.

Well friends, the big day is near! Thank you for all your wonderful questions and for all the love and support that you’ve poured onto us during this entire pregnancy! We cannot wait to continue to share this next adventure with you. Shop this look in the links under the photos and comment below to let me know what you want to see next on Wear I Am! Love you all.