topshop blazer  |  styling by adena rohatiner  |   photo by sean martin

                                               topshop blazer | styling by adena rohatiner | photo by sean martin

Tonight, we performed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tour has been pretty amazing so far and we've just reached the halfway mark. To be honest, I miss home and cuddling with my dog. Touring this much has been one of the most tiring things I've ever experienced, but I will say, it's also been one of the most fulfilling things I've had the honor of doing. Nothing brings us more joy than to see the way our music affects our fans and how it brings joy to people from all around the world. I'm also lucky to be surrounded by such a great crew. We all get along really well and everyone is so talented at their respective jobs. It's important when we get to hang outside of work on our off days...it keeps us sane. Last night, we went bowling. I did terribly, but had a wonderful time nonetheless! I'm so looking forward to a few more weeks of fun, then heading back home to reunite with loving friends and fam.