Triangl bikini set   |   crap eyewear shades   | photos taken by   michael alvarado   & edited by   sean martin

        Triangl bikini set | crap eyewear shades | photos taken by michael alvarado & edited by sean martin

This past weekend, Michael and I took a much needed, short, but sweet weekend cruise to the Bahamas. We have just a few weeks left before we hit the road on tour for months at a time, so we are doing our best to get as much relaxation together as possible. We ported out of Miami, Florida and traveled to a few different islands. The first day we visited Coco Cay, one of Royal Caribbean’s private islands. It was such a lovely beach sprinkled with lusciously soft, white sand and clear blue water. There were plenty of beautiful spots that were begging to be photographed. I was dying to show off my newest suit from Triangl Swimwearso we thought...why not take some photos in it?!

This bikini style is called “Missy” in the color pattern “November Rain”. (You can find the exact suit here.) The pretty and tropical floral top was perfectly fitting for this beach as it matched some of the plants and trees nearby. I love this particular floral pattern because it isn’t overly feminine, since the main color is navy. You get the feminine touch from the pop of color that is the bright purple in the bottoms, which flawlessly ties in the hint of purple in the bra’s detail. Lastly, the neoprene material is great because it dries much quicker than your average swimsuit making it ideal for quick dips in the ocean. 

The following day, we took an amazing adventure in Nassau. The hubs booked a private charter boat just for us and we hopped from deserted island to deserted island. Every little island looked picture perfect, straight out of a movie! We even went fishing (It was my first time and I actually caught big parrot fish…I was so proud of myself! haha.) and the guys caught some top-notch lobster while spearfishing. The best part was when we got to relax on one of the many beautiful beaches and sip on a few bottles of local beer while Captain Jason and his assistant Rico grilled our fish into delicious lobster and fish sandwiches. And can I just say…the food was delicious! Beach, clear water, warm sand, drinks, food, and my love…all of my favorite things! It truly can’t get any better than that. Needless to say, the trip was so refreshingly wonderful and I’m missing the island life already…’Til our next travel adventure!

Shop this suit here and find more floral bikinis below. See you on Thursday for a new post! xo, C