Our European tour is slowly drawing to an end. And with a few stops left, we were lucky enough to have a few days off in one of Michael and I's favorite cities in the world... Barcelona, Spain! We've visited this beautiful city twice in the past and we can't seem to stay away. We've even day dreamed about moving here someday! What's there not to love about this city? From the fantastic tapas and irresistible wines to their perfect weather and cute boutique stores, it truly is a lovely place that I will never grow tired of. Today, we visited the very bustling Barceloneta Beach. It was so busy that it seemed like everyone had the same idea of basking in the sun and taking a dip in the cool blue ocean. After, we went and got tour tattoos with some of our crew (stay tuned to see what it is!). It was a fun and memorable experience to commemorate our first-ever European tour. To end the most relaxing day, we met up with some friends that live here in Barcelona for a nice dinner. If only all off days could be like this!