I just hit the road again to tour with my band (come see us play! You can get tickets here!) and as we drive through cold and snowy states, it makes me miss the warm LA weather back home. (#caligirlforever!) I'm such a wimp when it comes to chilly weather and instead of wearing five layers of clothing right now, I'd rather be in this. 

I could basically live in this art dept. cage dress. It makes a great go-to for an everyday look with an edgy touch. I chose to have fun with this outfit and pair it with a little pop of color...these new Sartore boots. To top off the look (literally), I wore this studded vintage beret I found in Amsterdam last year. Funny thing is, I've been holding onto this hat for a while and now I'm seeing identical looks pop up in stores everywhere. A fashion goal for me this year is to play around with hats more. I forget how fun they are and how they can really help elevate a look.

What are your fashion goals for 2017? Shop edgy berets below: