If there's one look that I'm constantly revisiting, it's any outfit that's cool and casual. Whether it be a loose tee and jeans or a tank and flowy pants, comfort is everything to me. And just because you want to keep it cazh, doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice looking chic!

I was shopping at Uniqlo the other day and stumbled across these amazing brown wide leg pants. They kind of reminded me of gauchos that I used to rock all the time back in the day. The material is super soft and stretchy leaving lots of room for movement. They are now probably some of the most comfy pants I own. Since they are the star of the show with this look, I tucked in this simple white Uniqlo tank. To keep the street style vibe going, I slipped into my new Kenneth Cole sneakers. (These shoes are now a staple in my wardrobe. If you're looking for a great pair of white shoes...look no further. Get them here!

The chic feels come in with how I styled my hair and accessories. I chose to straighten, do a sleek middle part then tuck my locks nicely behind my ears. Since the outfit is so simple, I wore these gold dangling earrings to add some sparkle to the get up. (Tip: When wearing statement earrings, keep your neck pretty simple with a delicate piece or no necklace at all. It's all about balance, you don't want to over do it!)

And there you have it! Just like that, a street casual look made cool. All with a bit of accessorizing and styling! I challenge you to make some changes to your casual looks to give them more of a cool factor.  See you next week on WIA! xo

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