Something I’ve been dying to try for a while are eyelash extensions. Like anyone else, I lust over a perfectly lush set of lashes. After doing loads of research and asking friends about their personal extension experiences, I finally built up the courage to give them a try. I created a list of pros and cons on what I've learned thus far...



You can achieve the perfect length and curl that you’ve always dreamed of and the lashes can last up to 7-9 weeks…no curler necessary!



There’s no need to wear mascara since the extensions are nice and thick already. This is a major pro as it saves you lots of time (and money) getting ready. Which, of course, means more time to peruse social media whilst sipping your morning cup of coffee. YAS.


No need to worry about the hassle of putting on flash lashes, the obvious glue on your eyes, or the lash strip hanging off your lid by the end of a long night out. The extensions are attached to each individual lash a few millimeters from your lid, so that they don’t even touch your skin. You’d have to use a microscope to see the glue…they look so real!



OUCH! Eyelash extension services can be a bit pricey. Not to mention, it can take almost two hours to complete. Mind you, they are applying 100+ lashes individually to each eye depending on how full you want them. (You can also choose which type of lash you want: synthetic, mink, or silk, etc. which all vary in price range. I went with a more natural look with synthetic as they are pretty reasonably priced.) It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of patience on your end. After you get the full set, the refill services are cheaper, but it’s recommended to come in about every 3-4 weeks…again racking up the cost.


If you're a constant eye-rubber like me, this is one of the toughest parts about having eyelash extensions. Often times, I forget I even have them on and go to rub my eyes when I get tired. But I'll suddenly stop myself when I realize I don’t want to lose any lashes. Not only that, you also have to work around and avoid the lashes when washing your face or taking your make up off. UGH!


In addition to no eye-rubbing, it is recommended that you pat the lashes dry when you finish washing your face. To be extra cautious and safe, you may blow-dry them, but that adds more time to your daily routine. Who woulda thought that you’d have to give lashes the same amount of love as your hair?! Also, since our real lashes aren’t perfect and straight, you’ll have to comb them using a little lash brush whenever the extensions decide to get all crazy on you…sometimes they have minds of their own!

Well, it’s time for the verdict! Is it a yay or nay from me? Drumroll please…


Yup, it’s a big fat yay from me! I would definitely recommend eyelash extensions to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet. Especially for those who who aren't blessed with gorgeous lush lashes and have sparse or short straight lashes like me. It’s definitely a luxurious service, but the pros make it worth it to me. I personally feel like I appear tired without make up on, but these lashes help wake my eyes up without any work on my part...you don't even need eyeliner! They also give my look the extra pop it needs when I do decide to wear makeup. Will I continue to maintain them and keep them forever? Honestly, I don’t know! What I do know is that I’m enjoying them right now and that I can get them removed or let them fall off naturally whenever I choose. They are definitely not for everyone, just like anything else, but if you have the money and time and you’ve been curious about eyelash extensions for a while, maybe it’s time to give them a shot! I’m all for experimenting and trying new things. Besides, you won’t know if you love something until you try it! (Warning: obsession may occur.)

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Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday! xo