Do you ever want an outfit that'll immediately make you feel like a badass when you put it on? Well, look no further...I've got just the look for you! When I put this outfit on, I go from feeling drab to cool real quick. Want an easy, casual, yet edgy look? Then follow these steps:

  1. A strong pant - First step on the road to cool: a strong pair of pants. Whether it be a fun print or material like checked or velvet, it's an easy way to take a look from basic to interesting. I love these high-waisted structured pants from Delphine. They give the perfect mix of feminine and professional. 
  2. A simple top - Since the bottoms are the star of the show here, it's important to go with a more simple top. You could go with a classic white tee or a fitted top like I did. I like that the knitted detail still keeps the look interesting.
  3. A pointed-toe - Pointed-toe shoes are always sexy and classy. For this look, you could do a pair of heels or booties. This pair of white booties is a go-to in my wardrobe because they are so versatile. Shoes can quickly elevate any outfit! (Quite literally, too, depending on the heel!)
  4. Edgy accessories - The last step is the icing on the cake...accessories! To keep the cool theme going here, I chose to wear these vintage-inspired square frames from subapollo. I love the fun reflective color that these offer to the look. I never thought I'd say this, but fanny packs are in! In case you haven't seen or heard in stores and online, the fanny pack is back in full force. Then again, everything comes back around eventually. Instead of rocking it around the waist, fanny packs worn like a cross-body is very popular these days. To finish, I styled my hair in a sleek pony and applied a fun purple lip to match my shades. (TIP: Hair need a wash, but you want to make it last one more day? Sleek it back into a low pony! Since your hair is already dirty, you can use that to your advantage with it's natural oils and add some product to style it back into a sleek and chic pony, braid, or bun!)

And there you have it! Four easy steps to create your own cool look. I hope you found this helpful. Don't forget to make it your own and have fun! Fashion is a form of self-expression and should be enjoyed. Shop these exact pieces in the links above and similar looks below!