One of the best parts of touring is getting to explore new cities with my husband. Walking around downtown, trying new restaurants and playing to new people every night. Packing for tour can be tough because I have to bring clothes for an extended period of time and for various temperatures. So sometimes I run out of clothes of my own and have to borrow some from my man.

Who says men's shirts are just for men? The boyfriend trend is a personal favorite, so I figured why not borrow this Express Tech Fitted 1MX Men's Shirt from my boy?! Read on to see how my hubby and I style this "his and hers" moment.

I love this 1MX Shirt because they are slightly tailored through the shoulders, chest and waist for a cleaner fit that can easily be dressed up and down. (Hence the reason I stole it!) I also really like the lightweight material of the shirt as it makes movement very comfortable. It can be worn to work with a nice pair of slacks or a nice skirt or paired with some jeans. Luckily, we both styled our shirts differently so we didn't look too matchy. 

Michael decided to switch it up and make the shirt a bit more casual by leaving it unbuttoned revealing a fun graphic tee. The white tee contrasted well against the black and also tied in my shirt well. He then threw on some matching joggers and his favorite pair of Chucks for an "all black everything" ensemble. This monochromatic feel gives me clean yet edgy vibes.

I decided to keep the clean look going with how I styled my 1MX shirt. I'm a huge fan of a plunging flirty neck, so I only fastened a few buttons on my top. This allowed me to show off a bit of midriff as well, leaving the look effortlessly undone. The masculinity from the oversized shirt and femininity from the skin-baring gave me the perfect balanced mix. I topped off my look with some boyfriend-fitting jeans and a pair of mean black boots. 

This look was ideal for walking around downtown for dinner and a movie! So next time you dare to try a "his and hers" moment, remember these tips: choose different colors and style differently. What's your favorite piece to steal from the boys?

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