h&m crop (  s . ) | h&m jacket (  s . ) | BP   scarf   | zara   jeans   | zara   booties   | photos:    jon macarewa  

 h&m crop (s.) | h&m jacket (s.) | BP scarf | zara jeans | zara booties | photos: jon macarewa 

Well hello there chilly weather! I could not be more excited to have you back…mainly because that means layering! Lately, I’ve seriously been taking advantage of this cold front that we’ve been receiving in Cali. One of my favorite things to do, when the weather allows, is layer pieces. I mean who doesn’t love it when so many different textures and colors can work together in perfect harmony?! With that being said, this ensemble is just one of many layering looks that you’ll see on my blog this season.

Since it isn’t New York cold out here, I’m still lucky enough to be able to get away with rocking a crop top under my long jacket. I personally have been digging pairing short and long pieces together. I just think it’s a fun look to play with especially since we’re still transitioning from summer to fall weather. This olive jacket (one of my favorite colors to wear) is such a perfect layering piece because it’s light weight and can be worn over a lot of different outfits. To add some detail and texture to the outfit, I decided to tie a silky scarf around my neck. (TIP: light scarves make a great accessorizing alternative to switch it up from your jewelry.)  Finishing off the ensemble with a pair of my favorite jeans and go-to ankle booties, I’d say I’m ready to take on layering season by storm…are you?!

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