alexander wang shirt |  oak + fort trousers  | nordstrom tights |  gucci slippers  |  photos by sean martin

                 alexander wang shirt | oak + fort trousers | nordstrom tights | gucci slippers | photos by sean martin

It's not news to you that I am forever inspired by the masculine side of fashion. I can't get enough of the bold, boxy, oversized silhouettes that the men get to enjoy with their wardrobe. So if the guys can do it, the ladies surely can as well! Fashion knows no gender, hence, the endless amount of androgynous looks you see plastered throughout runways and social media. It's so fun how one day we can dress super feminine and another day we can dabble with the masculine side, too! If you wanna see how I dress like a boy, read on.

Before I begin, I just want to talk about this Alexander Wang top that I got for a steal from Neiman Marcus Last Call. This is not a sponsored post by any means, I just have to share with my readers how I find so many great designer pieces for SO CHEAP! TIP: If you are looking for quality name-brand pieces at a price that won't break your wallet, you must check out some of my favorite stores like Last Call or Nordstrom Rack! If you're anything like me and you're all about mixing designer with affordable clothing, add stores like these to your shopping list.

I love how this top is so wide and boxy, but is also cropped for a clear feminine touch. I continued on with the menswear fit and put on these trousers from Oak + Fort. I just appreciate the comfort that loose clothing brings to your outfit. For a fun and sexy detail, I let a pair of fishnets (huge fashion trend at the moment!) peek through just above my waist line and at my ankles atop my Gucci slippers. To finish and keep the look effortless, I let my messy mane flip naturally to the side...because there's nothing cooler than an undone get-up!

How do you mix boyish vibes into your look? I'm challenging you to take risks with your wardrobe today! Shop this look below: