I genuinely feel that I was meant for sunny tropical weather. Something about the warmth from the rays makes me so carefree. I read that being outside in the sun makes you happier because it reduces stress and boosts serotonin, giving you a better mood. And not only did I have the lovely sun, but I also had the soothing sounds of the blue ocean waves to put me at complete ease. The Maldives have some of the most serene beaches that I've ever had the chance to enjoy. White sand, clear ocean and not a cloud in the sky. Paradise is exactly what it was.

Pictured above, I am wearing one of the cutest suits I own from Revolve. First off, I am such a fan of gold anything. Secondly, I like that it's not your usual bikini. It wraps around to make a unique halter wrap which compliments silhouettes nicely. I also love how the bottoms are a high-waisted cheeky fit, giving me a little more shape. And to top off the gold theme, I wore some of my fave shades from my loves at Crap Eyewear and layered on some delicate gold chains. 

Perfect bikini, perfect weather, perfect place = pure bliss!

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