A week before we left for tour at about 26 weeks pregnant, my brother Sean did a maternity shoot with me and the hubs. I wanted to go with a simple, raw and comfortable approach to the shoot. So we shot it in our back yard with nothing but the SoCal sunshine, a backdrop and each other. After all, the real star of the show is the baby girl in my belly!

Since this is a more personal post, it's a bit longer of a read. But if you're interested in hearing more about my pregnancy journey as well as your questions answered, then keep on reading! :)

My pregnancy so far has been pretty smooth and I’m really enjoying the process. In the first trimester, I started out feeling really sick with food aversions and morning sickness, but they would go away after a couple of hours. Other than that, I was often tired and took lots of welcomed naps while craving some random foods (see below to learn what they are). I absolutely loved being able to hear baby girl’s heartbeat…it’s like my favorite song! I could listen to it all day. In fact, I got a fetal heart monitor so I can hear it whenever I want at home. 

Once the second trimester came around, I started to gain my energy back. I began doing light workouts again and my eating was completely back to normal. (Obviously, sans sushi and wine…I miss them so much!) It was nice to feel more like myself again, other than the fact that my belly was poppin’ and I could no longer see my feet when I looked down. But my all-time favorite moment about this trimester was being able to feel her move for the first time! I remember the moment vividly, Michael and I were in the studio at home and while he was working, I noticed a repetitive “twitching” feeling in my belly. Almost like when a muscle twitches or you’re tired and your under-eye twitches…it felt like that! But I knew it was her because I was about 18 weeks (the movement, also called “quickening” is usually felt between 16-25 weeks…sometimes sooner!) and the movement kept happening in one spot and then would happen again at another spot. Since then, her kicks have only become more frequent and strong!

I am now just entering my third trimester…YAY! I’ve noticed my energy has dropped down a bit in the past few weeks and simple activities like walking can easily get me out of breath. My linea nigra is darker than ever, my innie belly button is now a major outie and my walking has turned into waddling. One not-so-awesome part of my pregnancy is that I’ve developed gestational diabetes. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about as it’s very common in pregnancies. My mom had it with me so it makes sense that I have it. Now I’m on a diabetic diet and I have to prick my finger four times a day to monitor my blood sugar. It’ can be annoying at times, especially as we are currently on the road for tour (come see us play!), but honestly, I’m getting the hang of it and it isn’t that bad…there could be worse problems! I’m just thankful that it’s something I can help keep under control and that my baby is still nice and healthy in there. I’d do anything for my little human, so this is easy! 

Now it’s time to answer some of your wonderful questions that you asked me on IG:

“What has been your favorite part about your pregnancy journey so far?!” - @annadefranco_

There are so many things I love about my pregnancy journey! I love feeling her move, especially when we play or listen to music…it’s so cool to see how she reacts. I also love the pregnancy glow and how sweet people are to you when you’re carrying precious cargo. And just the fact that my body is creating a human still fascinates me! Women’s bodies are resilient! <3

“Did you notice any change on how the dogs are reacting to you? Some dogs are so clingy!” -@laurepolak

Funny enough, I have noticed my dogs acting different! They definitely know that a new sister is coming their way. They’ve been extra cuddly and clingy to me lately…it’s adorable! I think they are going to love her so much and be so protective with her.

“Have you had any weird cravings!?” -@annaalmquist96

All my weird cravings were in the very beginning. Some things I craved were fried pickles, Eggo Waffles, Pop Tarts, Hawaiian Bread with chocolate milk, Cup Noodles, and tacos every Tuesday from our favorite spot. I basically reverted to my teenage diet haha.

“Are you doing any types of exercises? I’m pregnant with my first currently 17 weeks preggo.” -@cindyxtillo

Congratulations to you, fellow mama-to-be! I’ve been doing lots of walks with Michael and the dogs and light weight repetitions to keep my arms toned. There are also iPhone apps that have great 20 minute maternity workouts that are fun and easy to do anywhere! The one I use is called “Prenatal Workout - 20 Minute Exercises”. I also downloaded some prenatal yoga videos which I love for relaxing and strengthening as we prepare for childbirth. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you check with your doctor before doing any of this. Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!

“Were you guys planning to get pregnant or was it unexpected? -@mi.simms

We planned it! Right when Michael turned 30 he looked at me and said “I’m ready to be a dad.” It was music to my ears since I was excited to be a mama! And apparently I’m very fertile because we got pregnant right away.

“How is baby liking the tour life so far?” -@thunderfrick

She’s loving it! We played our first show in Portland last night and I felt her dancing all throughout the show! So cute. It’s going to be such a great memory to tell her about and show her in the future.

“How has pregnancy affected your marriage?” -@aashe_

Honestly, it’s brought us closer. It was hard for Michael to connect in the beginning which makes total sense for dad-to-be’s. He’s not the one carrying her and going through all the body changes like I am. But now that he can feel her kick, he’s even more excited about everything. It’s matured us even more in a way since we have to prepare mentally, emotionally and financially for her arrival. But our top priority is to never lose the love and passion that we have for each other. I believe that leading by example is so important and I want her to see love everyday when she looks at her Mommy and Daddy. <3

“Are you nervous about labor/birth pains?” -@briannapray

Heck yeah, I’m terrified! Haha. I think the delivery is what I’m most nervous about. Because you honestly don’t know how it’s going to go or what could happen until the time comes. But gimme that epidural stat! lol

“Do you have ideas for baby name?” -@trishcabrera

We have a few in mind, but we want to wait until she arrives to pick and share it with the world. :)

“Have you been using any products to lessen stress marks?”

Yes, I’ve been using Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. I’ve always been big on moisturizing especially right out of the shower and this has worked wonders on my belly…no stretch marks so far! I highly recommend it. 

“How do/will you juggle career and motherhood?”

As of right now, we are continuing our work normally. When baby girl arrives, I plan on taking time to really focus on her so we won’t do quite as many shows or tour for a while. But we do plan on picking up touring again when she’s at a good age to travel more! I will also continue to keep posting here on Wear I Am to share my fashion and motherhood journey with you all!

I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and she will be here in no time! It’s such an honor that I get the privilege to create such a beautiful miracle. It’s an incredibly special time of life for me and I can’t wait to meet her in just a few months! Until then I’ll be enjoying every moment and getting as much sleep as I possibly can! Haha. Thank you for all your wonderful questions! Let me know if you want to know anything else in the comments below.