PORTLAND 7/23/16

                           mason blouse | leanne marshall shorts |  styling by adena rohatiner  |  photo by sean martin

                           mason blouse | leanne marshall shorts | styling by adena rohatiner | photo by sean martin

Keep Portland weird! I love visiting here because the people are always so sweet and quirky, and they just know how to have fun at shows. This is definitely one of my favorite show outfits of tour. It's super classy and chic. What's also great is that the silk blouse is really lightweight which is perfect for when it gets really hot on stage. The lights + me dancing = a sweaty Carissa! But with looks like this, I get to have a great time without being completely drenched by the end of my performance.

EXCITING NEWS: For the first time ever, I present to you... new Wear I Am merchandise! Right now at all our shows on tour, we are exclusively selling these super cute beauty bags. As a constant traveler, I love having all of my favorite beauty items in one place. This is the perfect pouch to use to stay organized while looking cute at the same time. I love how clean and sleek the faux leather bag is. It's great quality, easy to clean, and you can use it for anything. Mine is already full of all my go-to lipsticks! 

Come see us play live and grab one of these babies at a show near you! 

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