bcbg blazer (  s.  ) | missguided suit (  s.  ) | AA   shorts   | zara boots (  s.  ) | TT   choker   | TGK   necklace   | chloé sunnies (  s.  )                                                                                                                                                                    photos by    sean martin

       bcbg blazer (s.) | missguided suit (s.) | AA shorts | zara boots (s.) | TT choker | TGK necklace | chloé sunnies (s.)
                                                                                                                                                                   photos by sean martin

I love the texture that velvet adds to an outfit. This throwback material gives me some real vintage vibes. I sure am glad to see velvet make its way back into fashion over the past few years. It's perfect because I just so happen to have snagged this steal of a violet BCBG blazer from a thrift store a couple years back. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the label and the price tag hanging from it. I knew this was a special piece and that I had to have it. The gorgeous color and soft texture spoke to me! So it's been sitting in my closet, yearning to be worn for years, and it wasn't until now that I decided to finally take it out for a spin.

This velvet piece was the star of the show with this outfit. Since it's the showstopper, I went with a plunging black bodysuit and high-waisted shorts to match, keeping it basic and minimal underneath. The heat has been insane lately here in SoCal, hence the messy bun and shorts. Gold compliments this beautiful deep violet so perfectly, so I paired it with some shiny gold booties to bring in some extra excitement to the ensemble and threw on a bunch of my favorite gold rings and necklaces. Topped with a beautiful pair of Chloé shades, I was ready to stand the heat in this fun and effortlessly chic get-up.

Shop this look below and I'll see you Thursday for a fresh new post!