Tattoos are memories that stay with us forever. For me, each of mine hold a specific meaning and story that will always remain close to my heart. I love how tattoos have the ability to spark conversation between people, even random strangers in line at the grocery store. It's those daily reminders and memories that keep us connected to others and ourselves.

The tattoo love affair all began back in 2012 when my husband and I got inked together for the first time. And let me tell you, they weren't kidding when they said tattoos are addicting...we haven't stopped since!

Although tattoos are very personal, I wanted to share the stories behind each of mine with you.


1. Cross - Michael and I both got a cross on our wrists, my left and his right. Mine fits into his when we hold hands, reminding us that God is always the center of our relationship. He is our foundation. 


2. 042612 - The date we got married. April 26, 2012. The best day of my life. I don't need help remembering it, but it's there if I ever do! This was designed by a talented graphic designer named Eniko from Hungary. I found her online when I was browsing for a cool geometric font. She also went on to design my arrow and compass tattoos.


3. Red Arm Band - If I was to have one of those "just because" tattoos, this is probably the closest I have to it. I used to wear a thin gold bangle on my left arm all the time, so I decided to make it permanent. And red because I liked how it looked. This is my only colored tattoo at the moment.


4. Arrow - The arrow can represent a lot of things. For me, it represents "arrow prayer" which is a quick in-the-moment prayer that you can shoot up whenever you need to. It's based off of a chapter in Nehemiah which reminded me that I can pray at any time and ask for His help whenever I need it. What a great feeling!


5. Compass - To signify my love for travel. Michael and I have been so blessed to have seen a lot of this beautiful world and we look forward to exploring more together over the years.


6. Be Still - "...and know that I am God". A reminder to take a second and remember that He is in control. All six of these tattoos were done by a family friend named Rick. 


7. Tiny Arrow - This arrow is actually the one from our first Us The Duo logo. On our No Matter Where You Are tour, the whole crew decided to randomly get this same arrow together. Such a fun memory!


8. WHO CARES - Michael and I were in the studio recording our album "Just Love" in Nashville and it was one of the best recording experiences we've ever had. It was the first time we've recorded with a live band from start to finish. A solid group of talented musicians with great hearts all in one room jamming together. Our good friend and producer Nathan had a sign that said "Who Cares!" lying on the floor of his truck. We brought it into our studio and it quickly became the motto of our trip. "Who cares what people say songs should 'sound like', let's make the music we want to make!" From the heart and soul, just like it should always be. 


9. Tour Routing - When we went on our first European tour ever with our friends Pentatonix, we wanted to get a tattoo in one of our favorite cities ever...Barcelona. My brother Sean designed a map of the stops we made on tour. Each dot represents a city we performed in, starting with Dublin and ending in Porto. Our crew and some of the PTX crew loved it and we all decided to get it together. We had the most amazing trip and never wanted to forget it! (Tattoo by Imanol)


10. Breathe - A few years ago, I struggled with anxiety disorder...this is a side of me a lot of people don't know about. But it's a huge part of who I am. I went through some of my darkest days. Luckily, I found an amazing therapist who equipped me with one of the greatest tools to get through it: she taught me how to breathe. Sounds so simple, I know, but it's easier said than done. It's all about the exercises and knowing how and when to do it. I still struggle with anxiety today, but because of what I've learned, I now know how to quickly get it under control. I got this matching tattoo with my best friend Hilary because we both share this same issue. In the most stressful moments, I look down and I'm reminded to stop and take a breath. We all need this in our busy lives. (Reminder: Mental health is precious. If you are struggling in any way, seek help! There are so many people willing and ready to listen. <3) (Tattoo by Kylie)


11. M - This tiny letter on the inside of my pinky finger means the world to me. It stands for two names: "Martin" which is my maiden name and "Michael" my best friend/hubs. (Tattoo by Tim)


12. Sunset on Water - This past April, Michael and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary in Hawaii, one of our favorite places. He surprised me with a vow renewal on the beach. It was the most magical anniversary ever and I was in tears. We watched the most beautiful sunset on the water and just as the sun hit the horizon, he pulled out a new diamond wedding band for me. He is the sweetest man in the world and I am so lucky to call him mine. It was my favorite sunset ever, so I got it tattooed during that trip from a great local tattoo artist on the Big Island. (Tattoo by Lions)

And that's it...for now! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and my life. I had fun opening up and being vulnerable with you. These tattoos mean a lot to me and I wouldn't go back and change a thing. 

What else would you like to see on Wear I Am? Feel free to comment below to give me some ideas of what to post next!