Soft to the touch and light as a feather... there's something so timeless about silk. Hence the reason why I fell in love with this vintage blouse gifted to me from my sweet grandmother. She never wore it, in fact, it still had the tag on it. She also had one in light blue that I got to take home with me...thanks Grammy!

I love going through her closet and seeing how surprisingly on trend a lot of her pieces are. I wasn't too shocked though, as everything comes back around... something that I've always loved about fashion. It's the main reason why it's so hard for me to let go of a lot of my things. I can't help but think "I could give this to my future child someday when it becomes cool again." Moral of the story: Take a gander at your parents' and/or grandparents' wardrobes. Whether it's simply for fashion inspiration or you're lucky enough to score a few gems like me, you just might be surprised at how fashionable they truly are!

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