Photos by  Nicole Gerulat  | Interior Design by  Keiko Harada  | Sponsored by  Joss & Main

A few months ago, Michael and I moved from a suburban city to a beach town. Our lives have been so busy with touring and travel which in turn started to clutter our home. With a house, it's easy to collect things just because you have the space. But in the end, it's all really just stuff...junk! It started to overwhelm us, so we decided it was time to downsize and minimize. We sold everything we had to start completely fresh at a location we've always wanted to live in...by the ocean. 

Thanks to Joss & Main and the help of our amazing interior designer Keiko Harada, our town home got a complete makeover! We wanted to keep the style clean and minimal, mixing vintage with modern pieces and we couldn't be more happy with the outcome! Scroll down to take a tour and see some of my favorite spots and pieces of the house.

Michael and I spend a lot of time at this dining table. There's nothing that makes me happier than a home-cooked meal by my hubs accompanied with a nice glass of wine (...or two!). Many great conversations take place here as I adore these gold-rimmed vases and the bright beautiful blooms they hold. 

Most of our evenings are spent on this couch with our pups as we listen to records and sip on a delicious cocktail from our bar cart (one of my personal favorite pieces in the house!)

I have to point out this stunning end table. I don't think my obsession for marble will ever die. It's a classic that, when mixed with dark wood, always gives a chic and modern touch.

Our office upstairs is where all the musical magic happens. This room is where songs are written and covers are filmed. A couple of our favorite legends adorn our walls for constant inspiration.

From the fresh plants to the variety of patterns and textures, I could't be more in love with our new home. The design is classic, minimal, modern and bright...the perfect combination of our styles! We look forward to entertaining friends and family and creating many more memories here.