collage designed by    stephanie haller    | photo credits:  Instagram ,  CBS ,  FOX ,  ABC

                                                                                                  collage designed by stephanie haller | photo credits: Instagram, CBS, FOX, ABC

Football lover or not, it's clear that (in addition to the awesome commercials) we all anticipate Super Bowl for its incredibly unpredictable half time shows. While amazing artists put on jaw-dropping shows time and time again, like this year's Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé, one thing I look forward to seeing most are their outfits! There have been some pretty memorable costume choices (and not to mention malfunctions!) in halftime history, but here are my top five favorite looks in no particular order:

1. Beyoncé, Super Bowl 2016

Let's just go ahead and start with Beyoncé, well because...Beyoncé. Need I really say any more?! First of all, Queen Bey wins by making an homage to the King of Pop by borrowing MJ's 1993 halftime look with her sexy military bodysuit designed by Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2. Second of all, she slays by leading a pack of beautiful dancing women, battles Bruno Mars, and absolutely crushes it...all while flawlessly singing of course. UGH! #goals

2. Bruno Mars, Super Bowl 2014

Three words: Gold. Saint. Laurent. Three of my favorite words's no wonder I'm obsessed with Bruno's shiny blazer. I want it and I want it now! Such a classy look to mach his funky performance.

3. Madonna, Super Bowl 2012

Honestly, Madonna could wear a trash bag and make it look fabulous. Though she'd never be caught wearing one, anything she touches makes fashion history. I am loving this gladiator-inspired look that she rocked for her halftime performance in 2012. Embellished with gold studs, a cape, and a beautiful headpiece, Madonna's Givenchy outfit has easily become one of Super Bowl's most iconic fashion moments.

4. M.I.A., Super Bowl 2012

There to support Madonna's performance was special guest and sassy singer M.I.A. She kept the gladiator theme going with her accessories (I especially like her studded harness), but also had a touch of "cheerleader" to her look. She came out with Nicki Minaj, both with pom poms in their hands, and as she sang her part, she flashed a very controversial middle finger. This may have caused a huge lawsuit, but least she looked good!

5. Katy Perry, Super Bowl 2015

Last, but not least, we have the stunning Katy Perry. Not only did this California girl put on one exciting show and introduce us to the internet sensation that is "left shark", but she looked absolutely amazing doing it. One outfit from her performance was this vibrant beach ball inspired bustier and matching skirt designed by Jeremy Scott. To finish off her classic look, she wore her signature high ponytail and red lips. Oh one does color like you do!

Who is your Super Bowl sprit animal? Mine is Beyoncé, for sure! See you on Thursday for a new Wear I Am post! xo.