BCBG   dress   | ashyln'd   clutch   | nadri   jewels   | HMU    jadene munson    | photos by    sean martin    and    jeff vespa /      wire image

                                BCBG dress | ashyln'd clutch | nadri jewels | HMU jadene munson | photos by sean martin and jeff vespa /wire image

I only used to dream of walking on the red carpet when I was a kid, and now I'm blessed to be able to do it! I am one lucky girl. Yesterday, the hubby and I attended the 2016 GRAMMY Awards. We were asked to perform live on the E! Red Carpet Countdown show hosted by the stunning and sweet Giuliana Rancic (she's even more gorgeous in person and looked flawless as usual!), which was super fun! As far as getting ready for the GRAMMYs, there is a lot of work that goes into looking picture-perfect. So I wanted to take you behind the scenes of getting glammed up for the GRAMMYs.

First things first, I had to get the dress. After a private BCBG fitting full of trying on dress after dress, I fell in love with this beautifully classy number. From there, we moved on to hair and makeup by Jadene Munson (she's the best!). I wanted to keep it simple and glamorous with this look, so we chose loose curls with one side pulled back and a pretty mauve lip...the picture of classic Hollywood. The whole hair and make up process is by far the longest part. Luckily, all I had to do was roll out of bed, put on my favorite sweats and HMU does the's pretty amazing! She airbrushed my skin to make it look flawless, gave me a light smokey eye and filled in my lips perfectly. The hair was pretty easy, she curled it and pinned it up to let the curls set for about an hour or so, then she lightly combed it out. All in all, the process was about three hours from start to finish. We filled the time listening to the guys watch Chopped on t.v. as I sipped on a morning cup of tea. Then it was off to our performance and into one memorable GRAMMYs evening! 

What was your favorite part about the GRAMMYs this year? Shop the look below and I'll see you soon for a new blog post! (Special shout out to our friends Hilary and Chris for letting us get ready at their you guys!)